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Gatecrasher Ben Widdicombe's emergency appendectomy / Jossip
Gatecrasher Ben Widdicombe's emergency appendectomy
— Mon, Jun 27, 2005 —

Man down, man down! We have it on good authority that NYDN Gatecrasher gossipist Ben Widdicombe has been taken out of a commission by a nearly ruptured appendix. GC will be on hold for the time being, which means the week's black-tie events might. go. undocumented!

Like most horror stories, it began on the subway (the C train, to be exact) last week and landed everyone's favorite weekend gossip in the hospital, under anesthesia and with a scalpel in his side. The pain began on the train, but workaholic (we kid) Widdicombe made it to his desk before the pain was too intense.

He split the Daily News "news" room (yes, they have one, unlike this website, which maintains a cubby hole) with a coworker for St. Vincent's and will be holed up in his downtown crypt until the codeine runs out.

Checking in with our Magic 8 ball, we're told he's going to be just fine after some R&R, which may or may not include an 8-ball of his own.

Scar photos forthcoming. At least that's what we're told. Or hoping.

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