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Megan Mullally Isn't Alone In Her Talk Show Troubles / Jossip
Megan Mullally Isn't Alone In Her Talk Show Troubles
— Thu, Oct 26, 2006 —

Megan Mullally's time slot changes (and, ahem, impending cancelation) is just the bedrock for more bad news in daytime talk. While Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres sit comfortably on their respective studio couches and chairs, Sony Pictures' The Greg Behrendt Show and Warner Bros.' The Dr. Keith Ablow Show are suffering the same fate as Mullally: low ratings. And with low ratings (Behrendt pulled a 0.7; Ablow a 0.9) comes undesirable time slots. While neither are losing their major major market placements (for now), Orlando, Seattle, West Palm Beach, and Knoxville are among those moving the syndicated chat fests around. But why should any of that put a damper on their production companies?

According to Sony Pictures Television, the "Behrendt" shifts were not downgrades but efforts to improve the show's delivery, and initial results are positive. For instance, in Orlando "Behrendt" was moved out of a court block and into a talk block, where early ratings are three times its former performance.

This is about the point where Jeff Zucker walks into the room, denounces talk shows, and insists reality television during the day is not just good for the bottom line — it's what viewers clearly want.

Behrendt, Ablow Receive Slot Shifts [TV Week]


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