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Stop the Presses, Greg Lindsay Got Paid / Jossip
Stop the Presses, Greg Lindsay Got Paid
— Wed, Aug 16, 2006 —

Stop what you're doing right now and listen up. There is some major, breaking, important, life-altering news from the New York Observer today. Greg Lindsay got paid. He did it! He got his check, he went to the bank, he cashed it, and the money showed up in his bank account. Mindblowing, we know. But try to relax.

We guess the reason this is such a big deal that it deserves an entire page in the media column is because Lindsay got paid by Absolute. You know, the magazine for rich people that never actually pays its writers. The one that folded and will be now for distribution by subscription only? Andrew Essex's baby that never made it to kindergarten? Yeah, they were majorly holding out on their contribs. Until this week.

???Getting money out of Absolute, at any point during its incandescent rise, was always problematic,??? said contributor Gil Schwartz, a CBS executive who writes under the pseudonym Stanley Bing. ???I think all of us, to get anything at all, is pretty awesome, and relatively rare.???

The rare check which landed in Lindsay's mailbox just happened to come out to $954.70. Which, though it may not be quite enough to cover our average night at Per Se, can get you a hell of a lot of airport bagels.

Off The Record [Michael Calderone, New York Observer]

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