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A is for AWOL: Dick Cheney pulls a Condi / Jossip
A is for AWOL: Dick Cheney pulls a Condi
— Wed, Sep 7, 2005 —

Condoleeza Rice isn't the only one using Hurricane Katrina as the ideal time for a vacation. While she landed in the gossip blogs' wrath for picking up shoes at Ferragamo, Dick Cheney has also been enjoying some leisure time.

Exccept the veep is a bigger fan of bait and tackle than he is leather and heel.

"Nobody's going to confuse Dick Cheney with a warm and fuzzy guy," Begala said. "You're not going to send him to be comforter-in-chief. He's the type of guy who would look at them and growl, 'Life's tough. Get back to work.' Plus he's busy ruining Iraq."

And also, he doesn't quite like black people as much as President Bush. At least for photo ops.

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