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Did Ian Spiegelman's Email Get His Page Six Pals Banned From His Book Party? / Jossip
Did Ian Spiegelman's Email Get His Page Six Pals Banned From His Book Party?
— Thu, May 25, 2006 —

And here we thought today was going be slow and mostly boring. That was until the Enron trial reached a verdict, and we got anonymous tip informing us that recently, Ian Spiegelman sent a somewhat controversial e-mail to Col Allen .

A Page Sixer being controversial? How odd. From a little birdie:

Ian Spiegelman's book party is this eve, and it looks like his die hard friends from p6 aren't going to turn out to support him b/c of a rant-y email IS sent to Col Allan (IS is presumed to have been drunk). Some have been told they can attend on the down low, but cannot be photographed.

Apparently, this is because of the Ad Age interview Spiegelman gave Simon Dumenco, in which he reverberated that Page Six is like a mafia. Maybe that's why everyone is scared to work there? Well, Spiegelman happened to respond to our emails, saying that he was not drunk when he wrote it, nor were his words intended to be off-putting.

You can decide for yourself ... the controversial e-mail, originally sent to Col Allan (and supposedly cc'd to Richard Johnson), and then sent to us by Spiegelman himself, is after the jump. In it we find that former Page Six staffer loves the Post but thinks Rupert Murdoch is an evil, evil man. Wow, we didn't know anyone else felt that way.

And while we have no actual confirmation as to whether the staffers were told not to attend the party — or whether they will in fact go or not — we hear that some Page Six and ex Page Six staffers will attend, including Jared Paul Stern ... if he makes it out of hiding without being gunned down by Ron Burkle. Ok, now onto the good stuff ...

Dear Col,

I am told by several sources that you are pissed about my Ad Age interview. I was very, very tempted to send you an outrageously ugly email. But I am lucky enough to have calmed myself down. I always respected you as an editor and as a person. We drank together, we placed bets together. Mostly, we drank together. I cannot turn around now and pretend that I didn't like you. You were what I always wanted from an EIC. A guy who could drink and place bets.

I'm upset that you might think the latest press hits for my book were about the Post. I love the Post. I have always said so. But I do fucking hate News Corp. And I have always said so. I think that News Corp has no place in America. I think it's a totally, totally evil corporation. I made no secret of that, even when I worked for it. And I was always sure to say that the Post was my favorite paper. And I still say that. I know that me and News Corp will never do business again while any Murdoch lives. But I wanted you and Richard to know that my attack was against the mother Corp, which I despise, I still love the Post."

So that's that. I don't believe there is any ban, but who knows? If there were such a thing, it would make me pretty sick. It's just so tiresome that the News Corp overlords expect some kind of loyalty from me fully two years after they cut me loose via a press release from the carcass of Howard Rubenstein without affording me so much as a phone call beforehand.

Despite all that, I've always kept my mouth more or less shut about the Post, its staff, and its EIC. You'd think that would be enough. But I now realize that the poor, poor Murdochs should be coddled and cooed and showered with butterfly kisses. Really, the world can be so harsh when you're just innocently trying to buy it.

**Note: In the name of full disclosure, we should inform you that one single off the record sentence had been removed from this email, by Speigelman, before sending over to Jossip.


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