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James Frey can't write fiction / Jossip
James Frey can't write fiction
— Thu, Feb 23, 2006 —

Despite the fact that he is, by now, a well-known fiction writer, James Frey's seven-figure contract with his current publisher, Penguin-owned imprint Riverhead, has been nixed.

Originally, Frey was set to pen two more works, including his first admitted novel, a "multi-voiced, multi-threaded story of contemporary Los Angeles." The novel was slated for publication in fall 2007, according the the New York Post.

Even though Frey has a real knack for fiction writing (A Million Little Pieces just hit the 3 million mark) nobody's going to touch this guy with a 10 foot bong. Even Warner Brothers is reconsidering the movie deal with Frey, based on his fake memoir. Which is somewhat disappointing — were so looking forward to the crackhead boy meets troubled junkie in rehab story.

Especially because it would have given Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan the chance to make another movie together.


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