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Paid $ix: Four Freelancers Axed from Page Six / Jossip
Paid $ix: Four Freelancers Axed from Page Six
— Fri, Apr 21, 2006 —

You know that old scenario where one guy ruins it for everyone? Well, this just in, courtesy (like you had to guess) of the Daily News: Jared Paul Stern ruined it for everyone.

Along with JPS, all of Page Six's freelancers have been let go. The News is calling it a "housecleaning" and despite lack of comment from the competition, it's needless to say this all goes back to the "scandal."

Hints of a cleanup came last week when Post Editor in Chief Col Allan said in a published report: "We are going to tighten ship."

Freelance reporters Fernando Gil, Lisa Marsh, Christopher Tennant and Jared Paul Stern are the byline staffers who are being sacked.

While these four contribs shared the "fourth chair" spot over at P6, behind Richard Johnson, Paula Froelich, and Chris Wilson, they also worked with Page Six The Magazine ... which is still moving forth full speed ahead without its editor.

The fate of the crew is yet to be determined, but as for for Stern, we're sure he can fall back on his fab clothing line, commission from Zink magazine, and contributors check from Nick Denton. Not to mention any other extraneous cash that may have exchanged hands.

Post cans four gossip scribes [William Sherman, New York Daily News]

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