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Jossiping with Jeff Bercovici / Jossip
Jossiping with Jeff Bercovici
— Mon, Mar 27, 2006 —

As our first subject in Jossip's new interview series, we hunted down Women's Wear Daily's Memo Pad reporter Jeff Bercovici and made him our guinea pig. Not only because he totally owed us one for not recognizing us at Jim Kelly's last party, but because we assured him there would be no "hard hitting questions." We're not journalists people.

Among other things, we learned that Jeff makes his own cappuccino with a ghetto $10 stove pot espresso maker, he rides the bus to work, and that people working in media are supposed to read the New Yorker. (Y'know, someone could've told us that sooner.)

Jeff and his partner in magazine gossip crime, Sara James, continue to break insider industry stories daily, and give us all the Atoosa, Bonnie, and Jann a media blogger could ever dream of. Thanks for being such a good sport, JB — we can tell your mama raised you right.

The full interview, including what it means to be a Conde Naster, after the jump.

Besides having the photos of the Fairchild family in your office being ripped down, is there anything different about being a Conde Naster?

Were still waiting to find out what it really means. What we do know is that we????????re getting new business cards. And we can eat in the Conde cafeteria.

We know you love to write about Atoosa Rubenstein ???????? do you have other favorite media characters to cover?

Atoosa is definitely one of my favorites because she makes it fun. Other editors can be cautious about putting themselves out there, but it's more fun to write about people than brands. Atoosa attaches her self very strongly to her brand. And, of course, we always love to write about what????????s going on at Wenner, which is a drama factory. And Bonnie Fuller because she has so much influence in the industry, and has worked so many places.

Since WWD is a fashion publications, do the media reporters fit in? Like, do you and Sara have to sit by yourselves at lunch?

We sit with the editors from the ???????Eye??????? desk in the office. Women????????s Wear is a business paper as much as it????????s a fashion publication, so there are not really 'prototypical' Women????????s Wear employee.

What is the first thing you read in the morning?

Romenesko and the stories he links to. All of my competition, of course. And sometimes it depends on what day of the week it is. Mondays I read the Times, Wednesdays the Observer, and Fridays the Post. And, since since WWD is a daily publication, everyone should read us first every single day.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a result of being a media reporter?

Being honest and critical while maintaining relationships with your sources is a challenge. But because the people we cover are by and large journalists, they understand.

The first time we met you, you were carrying around a copy of Time magazine (which we assume you stole from a dentist's office and would not be caught dead actually reading). What are your "must read" weeklies?

Like anyone in media, I read the New Yorker. I would have put the Economist on there, but they haven????????t updated their comp list. And I????????m simply obligated to read all the celeb weeklies. For work.

(Jeff claims that he doesn????????t have a favorite, but he divulged his wife????????s favorite: ???????it used to be People, then it was Us, and now she reads whatever I bring home???????).

Do you watch TV?

Only on DVD, but I don????????t have cable. So, I don????????t watch TV News ... but my mom watches the Today show every day and calls me to tell me what????????s on it, so I feel like I????????ve seen it. At one of Jim Kelly????????s parties Sara and I were chatting with Katie Couric for a few minutes, and when I told my mom she screamed so loud I dropped the phone.

Do you take interview subjects out for drinks? If so, where would we most likely find you?

I do lunches more than drinks. We get off deadline so late, I????????m hesitant to schedule anything at night. I????????m not immune to lunchroom appeal of Michael????????s, but usually if I????????m there it????????s because someone else wants to go. And its hard to get a reservation ??????? just ask Michael Wolff.

What is the breakfast of a WWD champion?

Toast. Spelt toast with almond butter. Coffee ???????? cappuccino, actually. Yeah, I make my own.

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