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Welcome Jessica Simpson to the Blogosphere / Jossip
Welcome Jessica Simpson to the Blogosphere
— Mon, Apr 24, 2006 —

For the first time in months, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey aren't landing those much-coveted tabloid cover spots. With all the babies being born, Nick and Jess just aren't gettin' no love from Star and Us Weekly. Don't worry, though, they have a way to try and lure people into caring about them.

Blogging ... er vlogging? So, now you can watch Jessica's documented life. How original.

The rich and famous stars are documenting their lifestyles with camera phones and posting pictures, text and, eventually, video to their personalized mobile blogs. Access to each blog costs $5 per month. Subscribers receive alerts when new posts are uploaded, to which they can leave replies as well as discuss content with other subscribers.

Yes, finally. Up to the minute posts on Ken Paves' fave hair products, Daisy's new $2,000 diamond dog collar, and who Jess is catfighting with in L.A. Nothing can come of this but riveting conversation and reflective response, we're sure.

Celebrity blogging goes wireless with BlogStar [Antony Bruno, Reuters]

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