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Jiblets: Janice Min's Contract Countdown / Jossip
Jiblets: Janice Min's Contract Countdown
— Mon, Apr 9, 2007 —

• Twelve weeks and counting for Us Weekly EIC Janice Min and boss Jann Wenner to reach a new deal before her contract runs out.

• Bravo buys TelevisionWithoutPity, tries to keep on screwing the freelancers.

• Meanwhile, Bravo's Project Runway re-ups with Tim Gunn as host. Nice negotiating with those rumors of begin too busy, Gunn!"

• That Page Six plugs corporate cousin HarperCollins is news now relegated to a footnote.

• Fox TV and Hearst team up for web videos you won't watch, be able to find.

• Salon gossip aggregator Scott Lamb tires of checking RSS feeds. So does that mean the celebrity category is or isn't saturated?

• Mr. Magazine names Relish the "Launch of the Year." We name Mr. Magazine the "Needs to Give Up That Hack Name" of the decade.

Praise for Time's FOB is like spotting a Pegasus.

American Idol: American because it lets talentless hacks like Sanjaya stick around. Un-American because it lets anyone vote more than once.

• eBay's plan to sell television ads backfires because of those commissions the company lives and dies on.

Quit the AP! Or demand it be revamped. Whichever.


No. 1
dont get it says:

Dragon Lady or DL, or Slimass Min ran Us Weekly into the ground after Bonnie Fuller worked so hard to get its sales up, that's the real truth

April 9, 2007 6:27 PM
No. 2
Me says:

"begin too busy"
I mean don't you even have spell check? How you can you be taken seriously?

April 9, 2007 9:26 PM

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