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Jiblets: Judith Regan snags Jennifer Wilbanks / Jossip
Jiblets: Judith Regan snags Jennifer Wilbanks
— Wed, Jun 8, 2005 —

· Wired and Industry Standard founder John Battelle says he'll launch a new blog advertising network by the end of the year, bringing together the best tech sites including BoingBoing under his FM Publishing. Whee, more corporate cred.

· Freshly Los Angeles, Judith Regan is about to let the ink dry on a six-figure book deal with "Runaway Bride" Jennifer Wilbanks. The deal also includes television movie rights and network interview (both likely with NBC). That Judy, moving ahead with her synergy plans.

· How is Linday Lohan staying so thin? "Coke and diet pills." Allegedly. At least it's not anorexia, right?

· CNN's U.S. chief Jon Klein says he regrets how much attention his news network has given to the Michael Jackson trial. Well, there's still time to cut coverage while the jury's still out. Meanwhile, CNN's new show for Wolf Blitzer will be called The Situation Room, while Tucker Carlson's new MSNBC show has been dubbed, uh, The Situation.

· Katie Holmes is keeping her mouth shut about a possible engagement to Tom Cruise, and yet she's as loud as ever.

· Tom Cruise, however, will have more opportunity to get randy about Scientology now that Paramount has finally greenlighted production for Mission: Impossible III. Shooting will begin July 18 with a premiere date set for May 5, 2006. By then, maybe Tom's management will be able to convince Katie not to attend.

· It's Hits magazine vs. the White Stripes' V2 record label, with the publication slamming the struggling recording company and V2 prez Andy Gershon claiming Hits only fawns over artists from labels buying ads in the mag.

· Montell Williams is getting comfortable in his role of medical marijuana preacher, sounding off on the Supreme Court's decision to allow the federal government prosecute its users.

· If you can't get past Pink Elephant doorman Fabrizio Brienza, you can at least catch him in Hotel Erotica on Skinemax.

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