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Keith Olbermann Still Doesn't Answer to Anybody / Jossip
Keith Olbermann Still Doesn't Answer to Anybody
— Mon, Dec 4, 2006 —

What's rewarding about reading Tyler Gray's interview with Counterdowner Keith Olbermann is not any particularly new insights into the MSNBC host's feud with Bill O'Reilly or his appropriate reaction to rumors about his bedroom proclivities mentioned in Page Six (though first relayed to you on Jossip). It's Keith's reaction to questions about Dan Abrams, MSNBC's general manager. While Dan readily dishes to the press about the network's relatively lone shining star (and you can bet Chris Matthews just furrowed his brow when reading that), the evidence mounts that this twosome doesn't maintain the most cordial of relationships.

Goes the Q&A:

Dan Abrams said recently that your program "could become a model for the newscast of the future." Are you a role model?

I don't know what Dan has to do with it frankly. We've never had a conversation about the direction of the show.

He's actually the???

The general manager [of MSNBC], right, but we rarely interact. As far as I know he works on dayside programming. Phil Griffin runs the network. He is the vice president of NBC [News] and my original producer in television.

What the hell is Abrams doing giving quotes about you to everyone from the Washington Post to the LA Times, then?

You got me. No, really, it's an awfully tough tightrope to walk here, and you get people who are newscasters who can't do any of the humor. And then there are people who are humorists who can't do any of the news. This is a problem. I've never had a problem going from one to the other. For me it's the skill that I've always brought to the table. I did it at SportsCenter. First, I did it for MSNBC. And, frankly, I did it for college radio. The idea is: Rarely do you go an entire hour when life is one tone, so why should you do an entire newscast that, in an hour of time, is all the same? There are occasions, like 9/11, when, yes, it is all one tone until further notice. But it's not like that a lot, thank goodness.

Trouble in NBC 2.0-aradise? Not exactly the most well kept secret. Back in June, we relayed our conversation with Keith at Al Gore's book party, where the cable man emphatically said, "I don't answer to anybody." Unlike his ratings, it seems some things never change.


No. 1
Scarlett says:

And Olbermann has been pissed at Jossip ever since. I guess now he'll be angry at Radar for reporting what he himself said in this interview. Apparently, it's never his fault for saying it, but always the fault of the people who report what he's said.

Nice strategic move at contract time KO made there of insulting the MSNBC management, specifically, Dan Abrams, after Abrams has been very complimentary of Olbermann in half-a-dozen recent press articles about him. So he Olbermann has learned nothing from his ESPN days where his history of badmouthing fellow employees and management ultimately cost him a career as a sports-anchor.

But it was nice to see him finally admitted the Karmabites blog was in fact, "legally true" but also oh so amusing watching him try and spin it so that it's not "journalistically valid" because the person connected to it has never been identified by name in the press. So the message, for those of you keeping score is ultimately this: "Ignore whatever you read about me in a gossip column, but believe everything I report from those same gossip columns on my show just so long as they're about other people, not me."

Someone please put some masking tape on his mouth before he shots himself in the foot again, okay?

December 4, 2006 12:54 PM
No. 2
Brandon says:

Just how many times is Olbermann going to slam his co-workers before his co-workers start slamming him back?

December 4, 2006 9:20 PM
No. 3
Condomn says:

What exactly is your problem Scarlet? Why do you constantly post on every thread that KO is on here? Are you a kool aid drinking, brain washed minion of FAUX News? Or are you a devotee of the hirsute, sexually inept Karmabites? Why this bizarre need to always be here posting about him? Maybe you should try getting laid. At least it'll give you something else to do.

December 4, 2006 11:08 PM
No. 4
Scarlett says:

I post in other threads but apparently the only ones you bother reading are the ones in which I post about Olbermann which says more about YOU than it does me. And since you're using the sexually-suggestive name, I'd say that you're the one with pent-up sexual issues, not me. And nope, I'm no Fox watcher nor a devotee of Karmabites, although I must say I found her stories about Olbermann's bedroom antics highly entertaining when they were printed in the NY Post, but then I have a sense of humor, you however seem to be totally devoid one. You need to lighten up "Condomm" and get a sense of humor yourself. You sorely seem to be lacking one.

December 5, 2006 9:28 AM
No. 5
Kronix says:

Great post, very interesting to read your page, thanks :)

March 17, 2007 6:01 PM

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