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Keith Olbermann Weighs In On This Week's <em>American Idol</em> / Jossip
Keith Olbermann Weighs In On This Week's American Idol
— Thu, May 3, 2007 —

Sometimes, when you're watching American Idol, it's such a whirlwind of mediocre singers, sardonic Brits and ambiguously gay hosts that we can't even keep up. Fortunately, Keith Olbermann's here with a quick recap.

A mere two weeks after Sanjaya Malakar was voted off American Idol, another wannabe has appeared on the show. And surprisingly, this man has a lot in common with the 17-year-old. People watch him and think, what is he doing up there? And how has he gotten so far on so little talent. Some actually find themselves cringing at the sound of his voice, and at least have the audience is certain that the vote must have been rigged.
--Keith Olbermann, wondering of George W. Bush and Sanjaya Malakar are somehow related, Countdown, May 3


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