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<i>Life & Style</i> Pisses Off Skechers, Says Sorry With a Cover Plug / Jossip
Life & Style Pisses Off Skechers, Says Sorry With a Cover Plug
— Mon, May 7, 2007 —

Seen this week's Life & Style? The Bauer tabloid's cover should clue you in on a big somethin' somethin': They've got major apologizing to do — to Skechers, their high-rollin' advertiser who scored a plug ("This minute's hottest sneakers) on the cover as part of a make good. (Click the image for a larger version.)

Why the obvious ethical lapse? Because Bauer is on the verge of losing the account.

Sure, you see Skechers ads in nearly every tabloid (and the walls of subway stations), but their relationship with L&S took a turn for the nearly-ruined when it ran a spread on Ashlee Simpson – otherwise known as The Face of Skechers – in their April 30 issue about the pop tart's "new look," with a caption that read: "Ashlee Simpson went back to basics in a comfy pair of black-and-white Vans." (Click past the jump to see the scan.)

As you might imagine, the shoe company's account execs weren't pleased to see: 1) The face of their line wearing another company's shoes; and 2) The magazine they spend so much cash with touting it.

The only recourse? Answer Skechers's demands to be made happy again with a carte blanche effort. The mag also popped the regular Skechers ad in a premium fifth page spot. As for between-the-covers editorial plugs, check page 20 (and notice no mention of Vans).

And just when things were looking up for L&S: We hear EIC Mark Pasetsky has toned down the mascara in the office.


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