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Lindsay Lohan & Hillary Duff to share the 'Bad Girls' screen / Jossip
Lindsay Lohan & Hillary Duff to share the 'Bad Girls' screen
— Fri, Jun 10, 2005 —

It's hard enough getting Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff to attend the same after-party let alone share the same tabloid headline. While Lindsay has more easily shed her tween queen image, Hillary is still searching through scripts finding the right breakout role (and doing Material Girls with sis Haylie isn't a start) so she can begin her own anorexia regimen.

But, what if, say, they shared a movie's top billing with each other? You heard right.

A new MTV Films project aims to fit their egos into one picture, tenatively titled either Bad Girls or Lost Girls (no, not a sequel to Lohan's Mean Girls .. and no, not a prequel to Material Girls), pairing the blondies for some PG-13 fun in a spin-off of MTV's new book Bad Girls by Alex McAulay (which, we should also note, has nothing to do with last year's bad "It" girl Abigail Vona).

Kudos to Creative Artists Agency for putting together this client duet.

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