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Jossip stops crying, Love Monkey returns / Jossip
Jossip stops crying, Love Monkey returns
— Thu, Mar 30, 2006 —

After losing a million viewers between episode one and episode three, CBS orphaned their Love Monkey. We cried, we drank ... we got over it eventually. But now, like Lindsay Lohan to Wilmer Valdaramma's bed, we've been lured back in.

We really do hope VH1 isn't phunking with our hearts by bringing Monkey back. Reporting from Colorado, that big, sharp blogger (who apparently has time to cruise ridiculous websites like TV Squad) brought us the news. Based on New York Post columnist Kyle Smith's "lad lit" novel of the same name, Monkey debuted in January, and starred dreamy cast members like Tom Cavanagh, Jason Priestley, and Judy Greer. Then, like so many things we make fun of, it was cruelly snatched.

Though CBS still keeps Monkey????????s web site alive, and claims it wasn????????t cancelled, but merely taking a break (it????????s not you, it????????s me), VH1 is still taking all the shows and airing them, starting with a mini-marathon of the first three episodes.

Yeah, taking a break. We know how that one always ends. Anyways, for those of you who have been "on a break" for a while, you no longer need a sig other to get you through your week. You have the Love Monkey back in your life! And Jason Priestley has been the staple fake boyfriend since the 90's.

VH1 brings back ???????Love Monkey??????? [Kyle du Ford, Big & Sharp]

Earlier: CBS has no xoxo's for Love Monkey

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