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MTV spreads its legs for Madonna / Jossip
MTV spreads its legs for Madonna
— Thu, Oct 13, 2005 —

How many ways can MTV love Madonna? They're managing to love her nearly the number of times she's reinvented herself, in fact.

Because the "music" network's promotion of Madge's 2003 American Life went so splendidly, they're going at it again for her upcoming Confessions On A Dance Floor. Let's take a look at just how many manager blowjobs were dished out:

• Madonna takes to TRL this Monday (Oct. 17) to play her first single "Hung Up"
• MTV airs her documentary I'm Going to Tell You a Secret on Oct. 21, spawned from her Re-Invention Tour
• The following week, VH1 and Logo will also begin airing the film
• VH1 will premiere the video for "Hung Up" later this month, following by heavy play on MTV
• Interviews will start running incessently on all Viacom properties remotely related to music

And somewhere in the middle, Madonna's album will actually drop.

MTV to Premiere Madonna Videos, Film [AP]
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