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On That Note: Madge embraces her inner Esther / Jossip
On That Note: Madge embraces her inner Esther
— Mon, Apr 3, 2006 —

Sharon Stone may be bringing her special brand of crazy to the recording studio. What good is she without her crotch flashing? [Page Six]

Madonna is house hunting in Israel, bringing their celebrity citizen count to at total of one. One crazy leotarded lady. [The Scoop]

• We can't let this one go: Death Row Records may be on, uh, death row, after Suge Knight missed yet another court appearance. Damn it. Now who's going to release all of Tupac's "new" records? [Billboard]

• There are a few options for what to do if your iPod battery dies. Shut up, your daddy's totally gonna' just buy the newest version anyway. [ChiTri]

• Sony isn't making all the money off Prince's new release, and some heads are gonna roll. Who would've thunk this would be his number one album? [Gatecrasher]

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