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Without her to protect him, Madonna's illustrator gets the shit beat out of him / Jossip
Without her to protect him, Madonna's illustrator gets the shit beat out of him
— Tue, Feb 21, 2006 —

Ok, we knew it was slow day because of all the cat coverage, but when Lloyd Grove has the best gossip we've seen all morning, well, it actually hurts a little inside. But Lloyd loves his post three-day weekend gossip, so we guess we can be thankful. Well, not that ass-kicking gossip is good, but unlike cat depression, it is news.

Late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, the illustrator of Madonna's book, "The English Roses," was beat and kicked after he left Crobar. Jeffrey Fulvimari says that he doesn't remember anyone attacking him, but is being treated for skull fractures at St. Vincent's.

Fulvimari and a friend, Ricardo Paredes, were retrieving Paredes' car from a garage at 28th St. and 11th Ave. "I think these guys thought we were cutting them in line," said Paredes, who suffered a dislocated shoulder. "I went to get in the car, and when I turned around I saw three big guys beating Jeffrey up really bad. I went and said, 'Stop! Stop!' and they just took me over right away and they beat me up. It happened so fast."

Which causes us to ask, "what up with that Madge?" She used to be a role model. Circa 1989, she would've been there, with her huge bodyguard, ass kicking cones, and entourage of back-up dancers. But where was she when her "Rose bud" needed her?

We know where she was. At home, spinning around in her purple leotard, making her MySpace profile, and running like a maniac on her treadmill. Ever since she got into doing air (she takes like 20 hits a day now) Madonna just hasn't been the same hero she once was.

Thugs beat Madonna's 'Rose' bud [Lloyd Grove, Lowdown]

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