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Matt Lauer's $13 Million Pay Check Closer to Couric's / Jossip
Matt Lauer's $13 Million Pay Check Closer to Couric's
— Tue, Apr 11, 2006 —

Because nobody could live without his boy-next-door banter, NBC has signed Matt Lauer on for another three years on the Today show.

After the show took on Meredith Vieira to replace Katie Couric, Vieira's contract initially paid her more than Lauer was making. Obviously, that would not fly with Mattie, who will now rake in $13 million a year, "at least a million dollars a year more than Ms. Vieira." And a little bit closer to what Queen Katie was pulling.

But Lauer totally deserves it. As the New York Times points out, he's just so versatile and entertaining.

... he virtually cross-examined a lawyer for some of the Duke lacrosse players accused of sexual assault, and also played the children's game of rock, paper, scissors with Ms. Couric to introduce another segment ...

And they're right. You just gotta' love a guy who can jump from "sexual assault" to "children's games" faster than you can say "TV personalities are way overpaid."

Stabilizing 'Today,' Matt Lauer Extends Contract to 2011 [Jacques Steinberg, New York Times]

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