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Breaking: Two More Out at Jellinek's <em>Maxim</em> / Jossip
Breaking: Two More Out at Jellinek's Maxim
— Mon, Sep 11, 2006 —

This just in (we're posting now and asking questions later):

We hear Maxim is continuing to bleed staffers — though this time they're cutting themselves. After last month's axing of four editors and on a butt-load of Stuff editors were hired to replace them, two editors have signed off of Maxim duty.

Eric Gillin, the mag's entertainment editor, and managing editor Laura Silverman, have handed in their resignation from the all-mixed up Maxim. An insider tells Jossip that Gillan, formally of Blacktable, has been lured to "head up," (uh, we think that's probably also a breaking bit of news) while Laura had been in India launching the very controversial Maxim India, and won't return to the pub in New York.

Honestly, we are already tired of resting on the "nobody can work with Chris Wilson" joke (even though it's probably true) so we're just going to turn our attention to Jimmy Jellinek and the frat house he's running over at Dennis.

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