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Getting the Complete Maxim Experience Takes Frosted Hair and Duvet Covers / Jossip
Getting the Complete Maxim Experience Takes Frosted Hair and Duvet Covers
— Mon, Jun 5, 2006 —

First, we find out that Hearst owns hamburger meat and ketchup. Now this? Dennis publishing's attempt at competing with the Playboy Mansion comes in the form of a Las Vegas hotel named after Maxim magazine.

The year of the magazine editor, 2010, is the set date for the $1.2 billion 2,300 room getaway. Of course the digs wouldn't be complete without a luxury spa, celeb chefs, and the Maxim Lounge. Oh, and Dennis Publishing's Blender, will get "top billing" on concert space.

And while the hotel is cool and everything (if youre into that kind of thing) we are once again floored by the other random products magazines can claim these days.

Over the past couple of years, the magazine's brand has graced a growing number of products, like duvet bedding, home office and entertainment furniture and even frosted hair dye, all seeking to embody the spirit of the fun-loving Maxim man.

Frosted hair dye? No wonder the only half naked girls in Maxim readers' beds come with the sheets.

Maxim is building on its saucy rep [Lorne Manly, Herald Tribune Technology]

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