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Breaking: <i>Men's Journal</i> Fires Deputy Editor Ben Court / Jossip
Breaking: Men's Journal Fires Deputy Editor Ben Court
— Fri, Dec 15, 2006 —


We hear Men's Journal just sacked deputy editor Ben Court. The Wenner Media title is making a huge shift in editorial focus, we're told, and moving away from Ben's specialty of adventure and travel and in the direction of a general interest men's magazine. Prepare yourself for regular features young starlets and premium liquors.

Why the shift? Newsstand is down 40 percent every since, ahem, Jann Wenner took over as editor-in-chief in November of last year.

This comes on the heels of Wenner ditching deputy editor Claire Martin under similar circumstances.

So who's replacing Ben? We're told it could be James Kaminsky, who's contract is expiring at corporate cousin Rolling Stone and might hop on over to turn Men's Journal into the next FHM.

Wise Decisions, 0; Jann Mistakes, 1.

Update: Claire Martin writes in to tell us she was not removed "under similar circumstances," but rather, she "decided to leave Men's Journal in order to move to Los Angeles, and I gave the magazine three months' notice of my decision to leave."

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