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MTV Staff Slash: Axes Falling From Top to Bottom / Jossip
MTV Staff Slash: Axes Falling From Top to Bottom
— Wed, Feb 14, 2007 —


The MTV bloodbath isn't over with yet. Not only has VH1 Classics been dismissed along with Affiliate Marketing & Sales and pretty much all of MTV World, but we hear top ranking executives – who impressively survived previous rounds of layoffs – are getting pink slipped as well.

An insider tells us that at the top is Salli Frattini, senior vice president of production and – more notably – best friend to MTV prez Judy McGrath. It's Sally who was behind big events like the VMAs and Movie Awards. She's also been there since Day One, a tattler tells us. And now she's gone, as is everyone under her. So too is Kathy Flynn, the SVP for production events, and her staff.

Elsehwhere, in a shock to even the most cynical staffers, we hear executive VP of programming Paul DeBenedittis is also out the door. No matter that he's best friends with MTV programming president Brian Graden.

And with MTV World folding, you can also wave goodbye to Nusrat Durrani, the department's head.

Look for more slashes across MTV2, as production is withered to next to nil. And while there are rumors of MTVU being safe from the ax, one insider tells us today could be their turn at the guillotine. Also joining the bloodbath by the day's end? Advertising sales, which will see sizable cuts. Oh, and don't forget MTV News, which is expected to see staffers shown the door.

So how is all of this leaving MTV staffers, at least those still with jobs? Furious, of course. But leading the anger frenzy is news that Van Toffler, president of MTV Music Group, is keeping his job. "It's disgraceful," one insider tells us.

Also disgraceful? The way they're informing the now-unemployed. We hear staffers are grouped together, gathered into a conference room, and told they're being let go all at once. Looks like they're already getting the hang of this whole "efficiency" thing.

For the execs losing their jobs, don't feel too badly for them. Sure, they may be waving goodbye to salaries in the $500-$750k range, but we hear Viacom is leveraging some "extremely generous severance packages" — to the tune of one to two year's pay. Not bad for forcing another season of Road Rules on us.

Update: We're hearing MTV2 general manager David Cohen is out the door, despite his close friendship with Music Group head Van Toffler. And one source says another FOV (Friend of Van) might be gone: Tina Exharos, exec VP for marketing.

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No. 1
Oh well says:

Let's move on.

February 14, 2007 10:59 PM
No. 2
James Clingerman says:

The day they dissed Janet Jackson as though she never existed was the day of their DEMISE!!!!!

February 15, 2007 11:52 AM
No. 3
otis wildflower says:

I wonder how is doing?

February 28, 2007 1:58 PM

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