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Nicky Hilton's cell phone number goes public / Jossip
Nicky Hilton's cell phone number goes public
— Thu, Feb 2, 2006 —

Forget 867-5309. Thanks to Nicky Hilton, everyone will be singing a new tune (ok, nobody really sang the old tune, but, they should start to.)

Not as awesome as hacking into Paris Hilton's SideKick, but Deadspin found a pour, soulless sap to collect the digits. Ok, ok, we get it, you want the number. Try 917-929-0223.

New York cell number? Fabulous. And though it's really not worth calling, just to get the ""Hey, it's Nicky. I'm not here. Leave a message and I'll call you back," we laugh thinking about how many un-returned messages Lloyd Grove and Adam Levine have left so far for the newly single socialite.

Live At SBXL: Let Me In! [Deadspin]

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