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Avoiding The Paparazzi 101 / Jossip
Avoiding The Paparazzi 101
— Fri, Mar 10, 2006 —

While Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz fell victim to his own camera lens, other real celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Scarlett Johansson are constantly dodging the paparazzi as they hit the tanning salon, get a dental cleaning, and pick up EPT pregnancy tests. Thankfully, Robert Mann – director of Global Operations Worldwide Intelligence Network, oooh! – is there to weigh in with some tips for the celeb set on avoiding the snap happy teamsters.

• Don't let anything become a habit. Never do the same routine everyday or you'll become a sitting duck for them.

• Rent a car. If you want to go out and you don't want to be seen, leave your house in a car unfamiliar to the paparazzi -- preferably one with tinted windows.

• Plan a backdoor exit. At a boutique or beauty salon or restaurant, or even at a shopping mall it is usually advisable to plan a back door exit just in case there is an informant there. Once you've escaped, a taxi, or a friend, or security personnel can pick you up and drive you to your car.

• Get somebody to scope out the scene before you arrive. If it's not a good day, or you haven't been to the beauty salon for a while, and you REALLY don't want to be photographed, hire a security professional to see if there are any paparazzi lolling around your destination before you get there. We can even lure them by driving the car they are accustomed to seeing, with a female wearing a wig. (Yes, we've done that).

• Try to be as impromptu as possible. Any plan you make in advance is going to leak.

And also: Don't go to Mood. Don't go to Koi. Don't go to The Ivy. And never ever tell your publicist where you're going, 'cause that bitch is going to leak your whereabouts in hopes of landing you on the cover of Us Weekly. Again.

Paparazzi Dodging Do's and Don't [Deborah Netburn, LAT]

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