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Paris puts out an APB on her stolen storage / Jossip
Thu / 02 Feb 2006
Paris puts out an APB on her stolen storage

Ok, bringing your diary to Hiro is pretty damn stupid. Leaving it there is definitely even more tardtastic. But who puts their journal in freakin' storage? Better yet, why in the world would Paris Hilton need storage? Her family has like 10 houses and a gazillion hotels.

It seems that Paris just thought her precious things might be safer all locked up in a warehouse. Not so much.

Though the Enquirer was smart enough not to purchase stolen goods from a coupla' storage unit rummagers, they were contacted first about Paris' stuff, including hundreds of photos, tapes (cassette? VHS? We would like more info please) and multiple computers being MIA.

TMZ has learned the celebutante has put out an APB for personal items, including her journal, computers, tapes and hundreds of photos that were allegedly "illegally seized" from a storage facility, according to her publicist, Elliott Mintz.

Paris apparently feels "victimized" by the entire incident. Sort of the way Zeta Graff, Nicole Richie, Kathy Hilton, and everyone who has ever had to listen to her talk must feel.

Paris Hilton -- Crime Victim? [TMZ]

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