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We're never going to claim to be experts on emo bands. But naked photos of B-list celebrities? Yes, we're just gonna say it: we're experts. Which is why we're on the case of the naked photos of Pete Wentz from the band Fall Out Boy.

The details on this incident are a bit blurry, but just know this: there are at least four photos of him – likely stolen from his Sidekick, a la Paris Hilton – in various states of undress that have been leaked.

How'd they get out? We understand Wentz, the guitarist for Fall Out Boy, is feuding with a former friend named Chris from Chicago — and the two have been dueling on, of all things, their blogs. What's the spat? Seems Pete had a thing for Chris' lady friend, made a pass, and pissed off his best mate.

But at least Chris is handling the photo leak of his former friend like a true hipster.

ok ok ok, big deal..its a penis, and if mine was half as pretty i would be shoving it in the face of every last one of you. its the punk rock equivalent of a sex tape, and do you know anyone whos career has been hurt by a sex tape? no. no one. like the old saying goes; theres no such thing as bad publicity.

Now, we're not saying Chris was responsible for the photos leaking (okay, we might be saying that, but stamp it with an "allegedly") — but you gotta respect a fella who rationalizes his fascination with his ex-mate's dick with that "all publicity is good publicity" excuse.

After the jump, feast your eyes on the very candid Pete Wentz, our very own fall out of pants boy.