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<i>Radar</i> v. Page Six, 'Cause It Can't Always be <i>Radar</i> v. Gawker / Jossip
Radar v. Page Six, 'Cause It Can't Always be Radar v. Gawker
— Mon, Mar 12, 2007 —

When Radar isn't whining about its treatment in the press, it's, well, whining about its treatment in the press.

Today's lead Page Six item – an entertaining, albeit non-game-changing item – about how Maer Roshan looks to Details for inspiration (information gleaned from a mistakenly left voicemail) was met with a retort from enterprising underling Jeff Bercovici directed at former Jossip editor and current Sixer Corynne Steindler.

Dear Corynne,

We're really sorry we couldn't make room for you at our launch party last week. It was a small venue, and, well, you know, fire codes and all. But we can't blame you for trying so hard to get in???it was really fun! Ask everyone you know.

Also, we're sorry we couldn't help you out last summer, when you asked one of us if we could get you a job here, or even some freelance work. To be honest, based on your poorly written, error-prone work at Jossip, we really didn't think you were qualified. But things worked out for you just fine, right?

Worked out? And how. While Corynne found herself a gig at the gossip bible, Bercovici landed at the third-time's-a-charm print blog and has managed to alienate nearly every friend-slash-source in his Treo.*

And in the spirit of Radar:

P.S. Nice job of Bercovici to omit his byline in favor of the more ambiguous "FI Staff."

*A conclusion less to do with Steindler's past at this website and more to do with our feelings toward that rag.

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