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<i>I'm From Rolling Stone</i> Gets Four Stars From <i>Rolling Stone</i> Magazine! / Jossip
I'm From Rolling Stone Gets Four Stars From Rolling Stone Magazine!
— Thu, Dec 14, 2006 —

Because reality TV shows about magazines carry so much weight for you after Miss Seventeen, Rolling Stone's aptly titled I'm From Rolling Stone is leading up to the Jan. 7 debut of interns-on-cameras with its own blog – intern profiles! insider viewpoints! – and some cross promotion on corporate cousin Us Weekly's blog. Which – and we're surprised Jann would allow for this – actually hints at negativity:

We don???t actually know much about the interns, except that we once saw one of them actively wearing sunglasses indoors, which was all we needed to start rooting against her immediately.

But, since we don't think it's necessarily fair or ethical to root against just one intern, we're going to throw our wide-sweeping swath of disapproval across the whole bunch and wait to turn on the TV until 24 debuts.

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