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Rolling Stone Celebrates 1000 Issues — With Bloggers / Jossip
Rolling Stone Celebrates 1000 Issues — With Bloggers
— Fri, May 5, 2006 —

Because we had neither the tolerance nor the energy to make it to Jann Wenner's bastion of ego (otherwise known as Rolling Stone's 1000th issue party) last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom, we're relying on the always dependable, ever resilient, and stocked full of more mojo than we'll ever be community of bloggers for coverage. But only because Page Six already filed their copy for today.

According to Talia got past past Wenner's PR goons – "Thanks to a VERY good friend, a cute shirt, a certain strategically placed mole, and some liquid confidence, I ended up inside this shin dig!" – all in time to catch Eddie Vedder's performance with The Strokes.

Jerry reveals the "gift bags are awesome" and "drew barrymore was there drunk and nas was chillen."

Simple Mission remembers the "free whiskey, a beer, a terrible cover of "Dance To The Music" by openers the Rolling Stone Cover Band and, um, the Strokes." That, and the exclusively 30-year-old-and-above crowd.

• Our favorite stories, of course, are from those who didn't have an associate at Us Weekly to sneak 'em on the list. Complains spinachdip nyc:

I was supposed to be at Hammerstein Ballroom. I was supposed to attending Rolling Stone's 1000th Issue Party. I was supposed to be rocking out to the Strokes and possibly Lou Reed, drinking for free, munching on finger food and picking up swag.

Yet here I am. Somebody fucked up my RSVP and there was no convincing the walkie talkie-wielding, navy-blazered thugs. I'm not that upset. I mean, I wish I were there and not here but this was a hookup. It's not like I paid anything. And at least I wasn't one of the many crashers who tried waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard to dress the part. Still, I'm madder than that time the grocery store didn't have Peanut Butter Chips Ahoys. That shit really pissed me off.

But fear not, I've handed my camera over to my trusty sidekick and told her to knock herself out. Not literally. I expect a full report on the debauchery with photographic evidence.


No. 1
Talia says:

Thanks for the publicity! Tune in later for the haps on the Pearl Jam top secret NYC club show which I will be attending tonight at Irving Plaza!


May 5, 2006 12:09 PM

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