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Scoop Wars: <i>National Enquirer</i> v. <i>In Touch</i> in the Case of Carrie Underwood Dating Tony Romo / Jossip
Scoop Wars: National Enquirer v. In Touch in the Case of Carrie Underwood Dating Tony Romo
— Wed, Dec 27, 2006 —

Guess which B-list celebrity we despise having to write about? Carrie Underwood, and it's not because she's destined to be the next Tara Conner, but because with the exception of Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson, American Idols should not stay on your radar for more than 60 days past the series' finale. But when a Scoop Wars soldier alerts us to a battle to be faught, our unwritten rules fall to the wayside.

At the center of this Scoop Wars battle is word that AI winner Underwood is dating Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who's been linked to Jessica Simpson in the past. David Perel's National Enqurier – flying high this afternoon with a just-launched website redesign – set out word yesterday at 4:20pm that the "Thanksgiving flirtation has turned into a New Year romance," with full details hitting the print issue of the Enqurier, on sale today.

But then Richard Spencer's In Touch Weekly went and dropped the "exclusive" bomb, claiming the scoop at 5:10pm yesterday:

Now Tony, 26, who has been linked with Jessica Simpson, has confirmed that he and Carrie are a couple in an interview with a small-town paper in Charleston, Ill., where he played college football. The article will appear in Wednesday's Journal Gazette/Times-Courier.

Wait, what's that? The news actually came from a small town Illinois paper? We found the article, which carries a pre-holiday, Dec. 19 publication date.

So who gets this exclusive and the Scoop Wars win?

Forget both the American Meda Inc. and Bauer tabloids: We're handing the win to Charleston's Journal Gazette Times-Courier. Not only did they have the story, they had the confirmation. And there ain't nothing more "exclusive" that that — unless Tony and Carrie are both meth addicts and are missing professional obligations for spoonfuls of sugar. That'd be an exclusive.


No. 1 says:

Courtney Cox Caught by the Cops!

Courtney Cox Caught by the Cops!

Courtney Cox Caught by the Cops!

Courtney Cox Caught by the Cops!

Courtney Cox Caught by the Cops!

December 27, 2006 5:00 PM
No. 2
Buck says:

Are you kidding?? Carrie Underwood B- List?? FYI CU was 2006's number one selling CD in ALL genres. She has won every award, and is still in the top ten on Billboard 200 after over a year. That is not B list people...Get real already..She won idol in 2005, its 2007...She is as A List as they come...

December 28, 2006 10:47 AM
No. 3
polypam says:

Please, anyone who watched the Cowboys/ Eagles game on Monday scooped this item before either of those stupid tabloids. They kept showing clips of the two of them on the field flirting and then during the game the camera kept showing her watching from her VIP box. Although, I'm pretty sure they showed her getting up to leave before the game was even over. I would too if my team sucked that bad.

December 28, 2006 11:31 AM
No. 4
Reginald says:

B-List, huh? Maybe in your tiny world. The girl has sold 4.6m copies of her debut album not to mention loads of awards. Try objectively fact-checking your subject before you post. It works better than fiber.

December 29, 2006 8:24 PM

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