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Steve DeLuca / Jossip
Steve DeLuca
— Wed, May 31, 2006 —

Remember our old friend Steve DeLuca? Ex publisher of Rolling Stone? Well, he finally found a new magazine to adopt him after his big falling out with Jann Wenner. Though he's taking a knock back from publisher to associate publisher, DeLuca will be joining the lad mag Maxim.

The only reason we find this to still be gossipy is because of the explanation given for his departure from RS:

DeLuca left Rolling Stone in February after a dispute with Rolling Stone editor in chief Jann Wenner over the location of the magazine's 1,000th issue celebration. The party was held May 4 at Hammerstein Ballroom.

Ah, yes, the party disputes always make for such a great cover up ... and not just over at Conde/Fairchild. However, we would like to remind you that he is rumored to have caused a bit of a scene between an Us Weekly intern and an RS sales rep. And he may or may not have used his possibly non-existent dragon tattoo to try and pull all the Asian girls he could find.

So, to all the Asians, interns, and tattoo artists at Maxim, don't say we didn't warn you. (If you want to return the favor, send us the whisperings from the publisher's desk.)

DeLuca Joins Maxim as Assoc. Pub. [Stephanie D. Smith, Mediaweek]

— Wed, May 17, 2006 —

We actually considered trying to confirm this completely un-fact-checked (and possibly 100 percent false, as well as very alleged) rumor about recently departed (fired? resigned?) Rolling Stone publisher Steve DeLuca. But even we have limits when it comes to phone calls; we were instructed at a very young age that dialing people you don't know and asking them about their genital area is considered, in some socities, to be rude.

It's quite amusing that the former publisher of Rollingstone Magazine, Steve DeLuca, acquired a rather large red dragon tatoo on his groin. It's rather appropriate considering his fetish for Asian women but could quite possible be a diversion for anyone noticing his extremely small penis.

We're not here to lay claim to whether DeLuca has a micropenis and, while we've heard of his Asian women preference plenty of times before, our real concern is that the possibiility he might have been inked with a red dragon. Asian-inspired tattoos? So 2002.

— Tue, Apr 25, 2006 —

Hide the interns! Rolling Stone has a new publisher. Jann Wenner wrangled Tim Castilli, who will leave his post as the associate publisher of Maxim and was stomping over at Ziff Davis before that.

In the nick of the 1,000th issue time (seriously, this issue isn't out yet? Haven't we been talking about it for like five months now?) Castili will replace office schmoozer Steve DeLuca. Tim, who will be picking up the mag when it's packed to the brim with 104 ad pages, is currently practicing his pencil sharpening skills.

Maybe, if he's lucky, he'll even be able to keep his invitation to the regrettably smaller May 4th 1000th issue party at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

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— Wed, Mar 29, 2006 —

The 1,000 anniversary issue of Rolling Stone is set to be revealed this May. Yet, it seems that Jann Wenner is more psyched by the party being thrown for the occasion (we're sure our invite is in the mail) than the issue itself.

He's trying to get The Strokes and Tom Petty to play at the May 4 party at Hammerstein Ballroom (not outside at Rockefeller as previously planned) and, of course, his planning is making everyone bananas.

"Wenner is driving everyone crazy," said one insider. "He keeps changing his mind."

Supposedly the reason behind Steve DeLuca's recent exit (not to mention the romp with an intern), this indecision is also pushing sponsors out the door.

And right on the heels of DeLuca and L'Oreal, Jann is next to go ... well, only on a two-week trip to Bhutan, which means these May details need to be ironed out by Monday. RS staffers will then have two weeks free of desk inspections, party planning, and baby proofing.

We suggest resting up — plans for baby Wenner's first birthday begin next month.

GATHERING NO MOSS [Keith Kelly, New York Post]

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— Fri, Feb 24, 2006 —

• Governer Rod Blagojevich doesn't really get Jon Stewart's humor. But to be fair, us Illinois natives never claimed to understand much of anything. [AP News]

• American Media is in much too much debt, leading nerdy math kids to beleive that the tabloid bubble, like Katie Holmes' bump, will actually burst someday. [Economist]

Mischa Barton tames her claws for the totally new and super awesome Jane magazine. [Socialite's Life]

• Today's "why Steve DeLuca got fired" theory: a fight over the color of the bev naps for the 1,000th issue party, which may or may not be actually taking place. [NYP]

• Well, he hasn't finalized his investment in the widely neglected Spin magazine, but publisher Tom Hartle is still trying to lure in former Blender-er Andy Pemberton for the EIC spot. [WWD]

— Wed, Feb 22, 2006 —

Will somebody please sign Jann Wenner up for some Qigong or buy him some bath salts or something? We know there is a cuddly teddy bear under there somewhere. Maybe having a wife and a boyfriend just sucks all the love out him, leaving none left for his his staff?

Or maybe it's just this whole Steve DeLuca fiasco that's driving him bonkers. A tipster tells us that not only was DeLuca spending his days perfecting his powers of Asian persuasion, but that he was getting too close for Jann's comfort with some RS staffers:

Steve had two flings going on with Wenner employees (US intern and an RS sales rep) and they both got word of each other and caused a minor eruption in the office that was squashed pretty quickly ... but Jann got word.

Yep, that would be enough to drive Jann into a paint chip eating frenzy all right, but we are shocked (shocked!) that he would take it out on his darling Janice Min. According to Page Six,

Jann is a nightmare to [Us Weekly editrix] Janice Min. He second-guesses her every decision. The funny thing is, the covers he doesn't mess with sell well." Worse, word circulated that Min, who is pregnant with her second child, will "get little to no maternity leave."

No wonder Bonnie Fuller left — this type of attitude won't cut it if you want to have the Joys of Much Too Much.

STONE COLD JANN [Richard Johnson, Page Six]

— Mon, Feb 20, 2006 —

When we heard on Friday that Rolling Stone publisher Steve DeLuca "left" the magazine, we automatically assumed it was due to the pressure of keeping his pencils perfectly lined up.

It seems as though we were wrong — not only about the pencils part, but about the "leaving" part, too. A former employee tipped us off to the fact that DeLuca didn't just leave, he was actually fired at the end of the day.

Some say it's because the advertising numbers for the upcoming 1000th issue didn't look high enough ... some say it is also in part due to the fact that he couldn't stop using his position to bed every Asian chick who crossed his path (or at least trying).

Ok, since we already know how not to get fired from the Washington Post, let us now focus on how not to get fired from Rolling Stone:

Don't make a mess, don't have affairs with your co-workers, and definitely don't hook up with Asian chicks.

Also, do your best not to go near Jann Wenner at a party. (Not only will that last one help you keep your job, but it also might save you from having to show Jann your boobs.)

— Fri, Feb 17, 2006 —

• Meet the new Bond girl. Take a long, hard look — this is probably the end of her career. [AP]

Rolling Stone publisher Steve DeLuca ends his two year stint at the publication. Keeping your desk that organized all the time is enough to drive anyone away. [Crain's]

Carl Icahn has decided not to rip Time Inc. into a million little pieces. [NYT]

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• It's a good thing Maddox Jolie-Pitt has the paparazzi to capture his childhood on video. [TMZ]

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