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The A-to-D Guide for Interning at <i>Teen Vogue</i> / Jossip
The A-to-D Guide for Interning at Teen Vogue
— Tue, Apr 24, 2007 —

Mary Kate is an intern at Teen Vogue. In fact, she's a veteran intern, so the dek head says, which must explain why the magazine's website commissioned the "Working Girl" blogger to pen an "A to Z guide to life as a Teen Vogue intern." She came up with: A cute slideshow, with one item per letter. You know, the type of print gimmicks they teach you in j-school.

So A is for American Apparel: "The Teen Vogue fashion closet is stocked with classic American Apparel essentials. T-shirts, leggings, and leotards in as many colors as a Crayola crayon box."

And B is for ballet flats: "In the fashionable Teen Vogue offices the temptation to wear chunky platforms and high-heeled Mary Janes is fierce, but the truth is, running errands around New York City all day is no time for three-inch heels. Interns love ballet flats???specifically those from London Sole!"

And C is for cupcakes: "Especially the jumbo ones from Crumbs Bakery. In the fashion closet, interns order frosted and sprinkled cupcakes for everything from birthdays to intern send-offs, and sometimes simply because we need an afternoon treat!"

And what is D for? It's for dismissed. NO EATING IN THE FASHION CLOSET!

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No. 1
jamie says:

How fun is that?! I know what I could be for...INSIDESIGN!
fresh accessories + hip jewelry = insidesign ;)

Have a happy + creative day!

xo Jamie

April 30, 2007 11:38 AM

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