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<em>Salon</em> To <em>Politico</em>: Enough With John Edwards' Hair, Already! / Jossip
Salon To Politico: Enough With John Edwards' Hair, Already!
— Fri, May 4, 2007 —

Wednesday, The Politico published yet another article marveling over over Democratic Presidential contender John Edward's $400 haircut, entitled "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" by Roger Simon. Yesterday, however, Politico started taking some heat of their own.

And, in the words of a tipster, Salon's Glenn Greenwald really "took them to task," blasting Politico for repeatedly harping on such trivial matters while simultaneously having the audacity to view themselves as a serious news source. According to Greenwald, "this is at least the eighth time that Politico—which gloriously 'broke' the story—has referenced Edwards' haircut."


And on top of criticizing site as a whole, Greenwald also isn't afraid to levy specific charges against Roger Simon, who&mash;as Greenwald notes—"is not a mere columnist, but is Politico's 'Senior Political Columnist.'

That said, the worst part (according to Greenwald) seems to be the political blog's tacit awareness that it's blurring the lines of journalistic indecency. As he writes, "[e]ven The Politico ??? for which no story is too petty or Drudge-following ??? seems embarrassed by its obsession.???

And, for what it's worth—which, admittedly, isn't much—so are we.


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