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Dissecting Suri / Jossip
Dissecting Suri
— Wed, Apr 19, 2006 —

There's been much talk over Suri, the new daughter Katie Holmes may or may not have given birth to yesterday (as Tom Cruise's press release doesn't exactly mention a date) (a different version of the release we've come across does specify a date). Is the name Hebrew for "princess," Persian for "red rose," or, as some have gone on to claim, Hindu for "Lord Krishna"?

In fact, it is none of the above. "Suri" is a derivative of Crazy Celebrity Kabbalah.

Suri would really be Sarah, except Kabbalah ???????? as it is now taught to celebrities ???????? is all about taking letters and making new words out of them. Madonna did it on her last tour. Suri is derived from Sarah mathematically. But Sarah, wife of Abraham, mother of Isaac, as some have suggested, is described as the only woman in the Bible who laughed.

That may be the first, and only, TomKat mystery we solve all week.

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