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Jossip Juxtaposition: Tom Cruise's $5m, 5-year Katie Holmes contract / Jossip
Jossip Juxtaposition: Tom Cruise's $5m, 5-year Katie Holmes contract
— Mon, Jun 20, 2005 —

· Tom Cruise's contract with Katie Holmes promises the young starlet five million dollars if she keeps up the routine for five years. Lucky for her, there's a clause to guarantee no unnecessary sex.

· Does it really matter that Paris Latsis' mutltibillion dollar fortune might've come not from "shipping" but from trading arms and oil? If you answered yes, you obviously haven't seen Paris Hilton's 24-carat, $5 million ring.

· Almost a dozen employees are fleeing Life & Style's masthead, leaving Bauer Publishing wide open for even People to scoop 'em. Expect the Mediabistro Revolving Door to be swinging all day.

· New rapper on the scene 25 ("two-five") claims he's the cousin of 50 Cent. Not a bad claim when you've got an album on the way and need to generate buzz.

· The Huffington Post retracted its story that CBS' Les Moonves made a deal with the Vatican to keep Jews and gays from appearing in The Eye's upcoming Pope John Paul II miniseries. Arianna's blogging bubble now says the network never made such a deal.

· Once again, Kevin Federline loses out in a poll asking which celeb dad would make the best father.

· Public school teacher Alec Reisner has taken it to Page Six to get back his small television from Sports Illustrated's model search winner Alicia Hall.

· No matter that she topped Forbes' Celebrity 100 list, the sales associates at the Paris Hermes store wouldn't let Oprah inside. Without her hair done, Oprah must've looked like those "North Africans" the store has had problems with of late.

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