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Tom Sizemore's sex tape hits the Web / Jossip
Tom Sizemore's sex tape hits the Web
— Mon, Aug 22, 2005 —

The gossips can't get enough of Tom Sizemore's sex tape today, which is finally appearing online thanks to Paris Hilton purveyor xPays, who secured the rights (was David Hans Schmidt involved?) and is charging just $34.20 at XXXTom for a look.

But don't think you'll be getting a peek at the Elizabeth Hurley version, as this porno only features the fizzled actor tapping an decidedly less stellar roster of partners — but incessantly so.

Ex-fling Heidi Fleiss, however, isn't so impressed and claims Sizemore needed to the help of some prescription blue pills to keep it stiff.

Meanwhile, Sizemore remains in rehab and, apparently, is making decent progress correcting his meth addiction. But with reports that there's another celebrity co-starring tape out there (in addition to Hurley's), he must be edging to get out of there to swim in his porno profits.

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