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Random Media Gossip Part II: <em>Travel + Leisure</em> Axes Associate Publisher? / Jossip
Random Media Gossip Part II: Travel + Leisure Axes Associate Publisher?
— Thu, Jul 20, 2006 —

Again, this media chatter is bit off-beat (not your average Bonnie Fuller, Anna Wintour, Graydon Carter allure) but it's still worth sharing. Robert Tramondo, associate publisher of Travel + Leisure, is said to be out of the pub.

Associate Publisher Robert Tramondo is history ... gone from the building in less than a day! All types of stories are surfacing about why? Could be a combination of problems. Amex people are unusually "hush-hush" on this developing story due to the reasons of the dismissal (could be really bad according to what I've heard). The Publisher was also being fitted for the hangmans noose due to massive T+E violations, but was spared. Tramondo was feared by the sales staff according to my sources and was the target of many letters to the ombudsman.

Also again, this gossip is completely un-fact-checked and by definition of gossip is meant to be taken as a "rumor." But we've left messages at T+L and hope for some sort of response by lunch time. Know anything? Send us your scoop! (Especially if it relates to these very bad things.)

Travel + Leisure

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