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Of all the auburn-haired reporters in the networks / Jossip
Of all the auburn-haired reporters in the networks
— Fri, Mar 10, 2006 —

Yes, all the gossip torches are aflame over the "auburn-haired network news reporter" who was allegedly caught giving her boss a little under the desk head. (Or in their words "talking." Yeah, lots of people talk on their knees in newsrooms.)

We found three auburn-ish haired network news reports who might be the spark behind the rumor torch.

First, there's ABC World New Tonight anchor Elizabeth Vargas. But, we highly doubt she would risk her future at Good Morning America just to give the boss a little nookie. Plus, she's pregs, and crouching under desks might put an unborn child at risk.

The other option we came up with was Hoda Kobt, NBC Dateline correspondent and Your Total Health host. But out of all the shades of hair we found on her, auburn doesn't really seem to capture it. And since those Page Six reporters don't really get things like this wrong ...

... we just decided to go with the last option, CBS News correspondent Trish Ragen. Not only because we got a few tips, asked a few questions, connected a few dots, but because this dish is pretty close to auburn ... not to mention pretty hot (as in, looks like she might have slept her way into a few jobs before). Oh, well, we guess we'll just have to wait and see if she gets promoted next month.


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