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David Blum: No Longer The Heart, Soul Or Editor In Chief Of <em>Village Voice</em> / Jossip
David Blum: No Longer The Heart, Soul Or Editor In Chief Of Village Voice
— Mon, Mar 5, 2007 —

The Village Voice's fearless leader was sent packing this past Friday afternoon after only six months on the job. David Blum, who has previously taken heat for predominantly hiring white, Columbia J-school alums, was reportedly dismissed for tarnishing the Voice's sterling reputation,** and for making an off-color remark at Wednesday staff meeting.

Gawker first broke the story late Friday afternoon, which was confirmed by Mediabistro after the Village Voice issued a statement, citing "concerns about the management of the paper" as the reason behind Blum's dismissal.

And while it still remains to be determined whether Blum was terminated for his racism, inefficacy or merely his"alleged" partiality to Morningside Heights, all parties seem to agree on one thing, namely: the Voice is only good for "really, really long subway rides." And, of course, the sex column.

The official statement (and Blum's unconfirmed racist remarks) after the jump!


Here's the Voice's obligatory confirmation of Blum's unceremonious firing:

David Blum's position as editor-in-chief of the Village Voice newspaper has been terminated effective today.

The decision was reached based on increasing concerns about the management of the paper, which intensified this week. Newsroom employees at the Voice were notified of the decision at a staff meeting this afternoon.

Village Voice Media's Bill Jensen, the company's current director of new media, will serve temporarily in the position until a permanent replacement is found.

And here are the comments that allegedly proved Blum's (final) undoing at the Voice:

A meeting took place at 5:15 p.m. [on Friday] at which staff were told that Blum was "no longer the editor of the paper" because he'd "made comments that were unacceptable..." presumably, staff assumed, at the story meeting on Wednesday when the subject of race came up.

According to one staffer present at that story meeting, nothing "outrageous" was said. According to another staffer, Blum was called on his heavily white hiring; Blum said he made no apology about being a "white male Jew from the Upper West Side," and was sorry he couldn't reach "Joe Jones from Flatbush."

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