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September Vogue weighs in at 'just' 800 pages / Jossip
September Vogue weighs in at 'just' 800 pages
— Wed, Aug 17, 2005 —

It's a sad day when September's Vogue can only clock in at a mere 800 pages, failing to best last year's Bible-worthy 832 pages. But that's not getting publisher Tom Florio all that upset, as he's also looking at a nearly sure-fire "test launch" of Men's Vogue in September as well. And then, next year? Vogue Living.

All those ad pages add up to $2 million in additional revenue for Conde Nast, and Florio is wont to keep reminding you.

The 2005 September issue, Mr. Florio said, ???????has brought in more revenue for a monthly magazine than probably any magazine ever published in the world????????since the cavemen.???????

Well, taking inflation into account since 31000 B.C.

(Actually, we're quite impressed with what our friends at Vogue have accomplished. Congrats to ya'll, you make our commercialism feel cheap.)

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