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Gov. David Paterson's $103.87 Scandal
Campaign financed liasons

New New York gov David Paterson, who reached out to the New York Daily News to reveal both he and his wife had extramarital affairs, is now facing the paper's researchers, who found he may have used campaign finances to pay for his trysts with Lila Kirton, which he denied doing. (Okay, he denied doing so "knowingly.") To be fair, he did reimburse the campaign for most instances, but may have "forgot" to do so at least once. He owes $103.87. With interest.

There's also a $500 payment made directly to Kirton for "professional services," which Paterson claims was reimbursement for her attending a Carl McCall fundraiser at his request. Read: He didn't pay her for sex! But: He had her represent him at political functions?

Mar 20, 2008 · Link · Respond
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