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Heil Pinocchio! Hitler's Little Disney Fascination

Well this can't be good for a quarterly report.

The Walt Disney Co., whose stock has been performing modestly over the past half decade, now has to figure out what to do about something they can't exactly control: reports that everyone's favorite mass murderer, Adolph Hitler, had a little hobby drawing Disney characters during World War II.

That's the claim by a Norwegian war museum after its director, William Hakvaag, found drawings of Bashful and Doc from 1937's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a copy of which Hitler owned, as well as one of Pinocchio, from the 1940 film, hidden in a painting Hakvaag bought at auction.

Hitler fancied himself an artist, and even tried to make a living from it, before setting his sights on taking of the world and eradicating it of any non-Aryan blood. Which doesn't confirm these drawings are legitimately his, but even the possibility presents some bad press for Mickey Mouse's owner.

There's not much Disney can do here except issue a carefully worded, one-line press release acknowledging and dismissing the matter, and hoping it'll pass. Or they could go the legal route, claim copyright infringement, demand the works be turned over to them, and drum up the worst kind of publicity to move a few DVDs.

Feb 25, 2008 · Link · Respond
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