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James Frey Taking Advice From Former MSNBC Exec Davidson Goldin

James Frey has big plans with new new novel Bright Shiny Morning. To generate buzz for the May HarperCollins release, Frey is planning a nationwide tour that “sounded more like a concert tour,” says Page Six, which discussed the details over dinner at Le Bernardin — perhaps at the request of his publisher, a News Corp. corporate cousin to P6’s New York Post?

“We’re talking about having bands, other authors reading their work. We may try to include some pyrotechnics,” Frey says.

And who might have given him that idea, or others? Quite possibly, it was Davidson Goldin, the recently removed MSNBC daytime programming chief.

We’re told Goldin has signed on to provide media consultancy to Frey, a move that makes sense given the other rumors we’ve heard: that Goldin wants to make himself into a media strategist.

We called Goldin to confirm the details, and while he remained mum on specifics, he told us, “James’ wife [Maya] has been a friend of mine since we were in college together, and I’ve been happy to give him guidance.”

We also called Le Bernardin to confirm what the Sixers ate. They said even less.

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