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• Rudy probably thought he had it bad when he finished in sixth in the Iowa caucuses, but getting called out for a baseball blunder on River Avenue Blues? Mortifying.

The L Word returns. Countless lesbians pretend the writing is believable, clitoral stimulation is all they need anyway.

• High and low culture meet again: McLovin’ and Rob Thomas chill out in Williamsburg. Who will suffer the blows from this pairing?

• Amy Winehouse goes to a Caribbean island with her ex-BF while her husband vacations in jail. Classy!

• Blogging can be to your hazardous health, especially when you don’t have health care.

• Shocker: Halle Berry still looks good pregnant.

[Photo Credit: phanephotog via Flickr]

    Jan 7, 2008 · Link · Respond
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