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John Mayer Throws Down The Gauntlet…Again

Calls Ryan Seacrest 'My Own Little Richard Simmons,' Presumably Because Seacrest Is Short, And Talks Quickly And Because Mayer Is An Ass

Okay, so remember that time pretentious musician (and avid Grey's Anatomy watcher) John Mayer totally "dissed" Ryan Seacrest by referring to him as the "Anderson Cooper of E!" and then answering his obligatory query about Jessica Simpson in garbled Japanese?

Well, it turns out it was all sort of pre-planned! And, in case you needed more evidence that Mayer is kind of a douche, there's this!

JOHN Mayer knew he was facing questions about his relationship with Jessica Simpson when he did an interview with Ryan Seacrest [at the Grammy's] last year, so he came prepared. "Ryan Seacrest is like my own little Richard Simmons," Mayer told "I like bits. I practiced that line for three days. When Ryan says, 'You know I have to ask you' - which is one of the dumbest prefaces of all time - I think, 'Maybe I'll just answer you in Japanese. And then you'll have to figure it out. So now I'm the guy on top.' "

Tough words, but we think Ryan Seacrest will be able to shake them off. Besides, we hear he's actually more of a "bottom" anyway.

**The red carpet footage, in cased you missed it, after the jump.**

The clip in its entirety. Note that Mayer starts getting snarky around the 2:45 second mark.

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No. 1 · Your Body is Underage / Mollygood

[...] John Mayer's fans are also immature lightweights: Police said they made 63 arrests tonight at the John Mayer concert at the Hersheypark [...]

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