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Leslie Sloane Zelnik Defends Lindsay Lohan's Gay Relationship, Which She Won't Confirm
Like her client, Leslie likes to have it both ways

Late last month, as press reports overflowed about Lindsay Lohan's lesbo relations with DJ Samantha Ronson, her rep Leslie Sloane Zelnik at BWR spent an afternoon assuring the entertainment media that, no, the two were not dating. This, despite Lohan's call into the radio show Loveline, where she all but acknowledged the relationship to host Ted Stryker. Specifically, Zelnik argued "there was no confession," and that when her client answered Stryker's question how long she and Sam had "been going out" with the reply "Like two years, one year, five months, two months," Lohan was just talking about their "close friendship."

Funny, because now Ms. Zelnik finds herself rebutting reports that the two split up. Wait: The twosome aren't dating, but they haven't split up either?

The Daily Mail ran an "exclusive" story on Monday headlined "Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson on the rocks after string of arguments." (In this week's OK!, the tabloid ran a few pages claiming the couple was arguing over money; Lohan loves to shop, while Ronson, also flush with cash, is more frugal.) That, you would assume correctly, is bad press. Which means Zelnik is forced into action to make sure everyone knows everything is A-OK in the relationship that she won't even acknowledge is going on.

Zelnik told Access Hollywood: "They are fine." Yes, the relationship that we dare not speak of … is not in trouble.

Ms. Ronson put it more succinctly. When a paparazzo asked whether everything between she and Lohan was okay, Ronson responded: ""Are you fucking kidding me?!"

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