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Lifetime Needs a Few More Months to Make It Work
Project Runway bounced

Upsetting homosexuals everywhere, Lifetime will not air its first season of Project Runway this fall, but instead move the stolen series to a January debut. It's a pretty surprising development, given all the hype Harvey Weinstein leveraged as he cajoled the B-list network into paying a higher fee for the franchise. Officially, Lifetime just wants to have enough time to promote the show's changing network, eschewing the idea that the about-to-end fifth season is actually a pretty decent marketing promo for the series. But there's also the small matter of the on-going lawsuit between NBC Universal (Bravo's owner, who feels shafted in losing the series with Harvey's cigar smoked backroom dealings) and The Weinstein Co. (Runway's owners), which hopes to keep Lifetime or anybody else from exploiting Nina Garcia's critical takedowns.

Earlier: How Bravo is Sabotaging Project Runway

Sep 8, 2008 · posted by david · Link · Respond
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