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Media Matters Finally Taking the Bias Blame Train Through Overreaction Tunnel

Like most media critics, we’ve been having a passionate affair with Media Matters, the non-profit media watchdog group that rivals only TMZ in the number of daily emails they blast out. Generally they focus most of their efforts on Fox News, where Bill O’Reilly writes the stories himself. But lately, they’ve been crushin’ on MSNBC, with Chris Matthews and David Shuster’s misogyny.

But has Media Matters finally taken nitpicking to shark-jumping levels?

This, argues MM, is evidence that Matthews & Co. do not believe African-Americans are normal Democrats, or normal people for that matter:

On Hardball, while remarking on Sen. Barack Obama’s reported request for orange juice after being offered coffee at an Indiana diner, David Shuster asserted: “[I]t’s just one of those sort of weird things. You know, when the owner of the diner says, ‘Here, have some coffee,’ you say, ‘Yes, thank you,’ and, ‘Oh, can I also please have some orange juice, in addition to this?’ You don’t just say, ‘No, I’ll take orange juice,’ and then turn away and start shaking hands.” Host Chris Matthews agreed, “You don’t ask for a substitute on the menu.” […]

Earlier in his discussion with Shuster, Matthews asserted that Obama is “not that good at that — handshaking in a diner,” adding: “Barack doesn’t seem to know how to do that right.” Shuster agreed, stating: “He doesn’t do that well.” Matthews then asserted: “What’s so hard about doing a diner? I don’t get it. Why doesn’t he go in there and say, ‘Did you see the papers today? What do you think about that team? How did we do last night?’ Just some regular connection?” Matthews also asked Shuster, referring to Obama’s support among college students versus support for Sen. Hillary Clinton: “So you think the college crowd can beat the regular people there, if it comes down to that, in terms of Hillary’s support?” [Media Matters]

Apr 14, 2008 · Link · Respond
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